Bird-e-Marine is a young company from Nantes that designs and sells a range of electric water-powered watercraft for the boating and river tourism market.

A high-end cruiser

A 100% electric cruiser

Composed exclusively of noble materials, Lupo is the showcase of Bird-e-marine’s know-how.

Homemade 100% Made in France, a limited edition of 250 copies.

A “Full Carbon” manufacturing Titanium and stainless steel screws, Aircraft construction, 6082 aluminium structure.

Category :
Electric hydrofoil
Dimensions :470 cm X 120 cm
Total weight :
Power :
Autonomy :
Between 2H and 3H (according to the piloting)
Full recharge :
Speed :
30 knots maximum (50kmh)
Patented Kinematics :
For transport and effortless launching
StandardEurope – Co2 emission 0.00

“Who as never dreamed of leaving the footprint of the land to achieve this freedom of movement peculiar to birds, insects and a few privileged mammals? The myth of Icarus testifies to this dream of the man: To steal”

A series of 250 copies will be delivered from the summer of 2020.

Contact us to reserve your copy and for other any information