General Conditions of the Reservation Contract

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This Cyberfoil Corto GT reservation agreement contains the terms and conditions of your reservation. You understand that Bird-e-Marine has several additional products and options and that these additional products and options have different specifications and costs, and you reserve a battery-electric watercraft, a Cyberfoil named “Corto GT”

1. Reservation:

By making your reservation, you get a number that corresponds to your place in the order queue. Bird-e-Marine receives your reservation and payment.

2. Effective date:

Acceptance of these general conditions is effective once we receive payment for your reservation.

Bird-e-Marine reserves the right to block and stop reservations to avoid overbooking. If your reservation is refused after payment, Bird-e-Marine will inform you that your reservation has been canceled to avoid overbooking. Your payment will be refunded to you in full within a maximum of seven days.

3. Order process:

While this reservation guarantees your place on the Order Waiting List, it does not constitute the purchase or order of a “Corto GT” Cyberfoil.
When the production start of your reservation approaches, we will ask you to configure your Cyberfoil “Corto GT”.
Bird-e-Marine will establish a Quote for your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” indicating the final purchase price according to the options you have chosen.
You will need to confirm your quote with a voucher for agreement.
Bird-e-Marine will deduct your booking fees from the total amount and send you the final Order Form.

Bird-e-Marine will then send you the final procedure for the full payment of your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” before delivery.

4. Payment and refund of the reservation:

Payment for your reservation is fully refundable if you choose to cancel it.
The customer has no obligation to purchase after booking.
In the event of cancellation, no interest or administrative fees will be charged on the amount of your reservation.

5. Cancellation:

Until you reach a purchase agreement, you can cancel your reservation.
In this case you will receive a full refund of your reservation within a maximum of seven days.

6 Obligations:

Not opposable:
You agree that any representation made by a representative, a partner, a third party or an agent of Bird-e-Marine concerning the production date of the Cyberfoil “Corto GT”, the delivery date, the place of delivery , price, specifications, options or similar details are not binding for Bird-e-Marine.

Your reservation is not transferable or assignable to any other party without the prior written approval of Bird-e-Marine.

7. Your Contact Information:

Bird-e-Marine may ask you to provide information so that we can fulfill our obligations under these terms and conditions. Your contact details and reservation details can be shared with the Bird-e-Marine distributor or partner who will deliver your “Corto GT” or repair it.
We will keep your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found here ici

8. Limitation of liability:

We are not responsible for any incidental, special or consequential damages arising from this agreement. Your sole and exclusive remedy under this agreement will be limited to reimbursement of your reservation payment.

Under no circumstances can Bird-e-Marine be held responsible for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, including any:
a) loss of opportunity (including loss of contract or right to offer or tender);
b) lost opportunity cost;
c) loss of activity;
d) reduction of goodwill damage;
e) damage to name or reputation;
; f) loss or corruption of data, and regardless of whether one or all of these circumstances are considered indirect or consequential loss or damage, in contract, tort (including negligence), under any law or law arising from the failure of Bird-e-Marine to perform in any way, even if Bird-e-Marine has been advised of the possibility of events which would or could result in such loss or damage. damage. If Bird-e-Marine is held liable for any damages related to your booking or to these terms or conditions, your sole and exclusive remedy will be limited to the rights set forth herein.

9. Price:

The final price of your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” will be confirmed once you have configured your product and received the Purchase Agreement.
Any price provided to you prior to the purchase agreement is offered to you only as an estimate and is subject to change.
Any price that will be indicated in the configurator at the time of the final purchase will not include official or government taxes and fees, unless expressly stated. You are responsible for paying these taxes and fees.

10. Delivery:

10.1 Delivery in the regions served:

If you receive your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” in a region where we are authorized to sell it directly or have a partner dealer in that region, we will notify you when we expect your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” to be ready for delivery. at your nearest pick-up point, or another location we may agree to.

You agree to schedule and take delivery of your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” within two weeks of this date.
Beyond this period, additional security and storage costs may be billed to you.

10.2 Delivery to unserved areas:

To receive your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” in an area where we are not authorized to sell, or we do not have a partner dealer, or if you and Bird-e-Marine agree otherwise, Bird-e-Marine will coordinate in your name the shipment of Cyberfoil cutter “Corto GT” from our factory located in France.
In such event you agree that this is a shipping contract under which Bird-e-Marine will coordinate the shipment of your “Corto GT” Cyberfoil via a third party common carrier. You agree that delivery of the Cyberfoil “Corto GT”, including the transfer of ownership and risk of loss to you, will occur at the time your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” is loaded by the common carrier (i.e., at the FOB shipping point)
The carrier will insure your Cyberfoil “Corto GT” during transport and you will be the beneficiary of any claim for damage to the Cyberfoil “Corto GT” or losses occurring while the Cyberfoil “Corto GT” is in possession of ‘a public carrier.

11. Estimated delivery:

The delivery time transmitted to the customer at the time of ordering is an estimate.
This period may vary and in case of delay Bird-e-Marine will inform the customer and communicate a new delivery date.

12. Applicable law:

The validity, interpretation and execution of this Contract and the resolution of all disputes arising from this Contract will be governed and interpreted by French law. Previous agreements, oral statements, negotiations, communications or presentations regarding Cyberfoil “Corto GT” sold under this Agreement are superseded by this Reservation Agreement.

The conditions relating to your Reservation which are not expressly contained herein are not binding, unless they are present in your quote or in your Order Form.

This agreement is concluded and takes effect on the date on which you accept this agreement, materialized by the payment of your reservation.
By confirming and accepting this agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


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